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Impeachment Update & State of the Union

February 3, 2020
DeSaulnier Digest


In this week's Digest, you will find information on:

  • An update on the Senate impeachment trial;
  • Announcement of my State of the Union guest - Isabel Bueso from Concord; and
  • An amendment to prevent companies from using credit scores to discriminate.


Last week, the Senate voted to deny witnesses and evidence in the impeachment trial, effectively setting up a vote to acquit the President later this week. The vote was largely along party lines, with only two Republican Senators joining every Democrat in voting to hear from witnesses like former National Security Advisor John Bolton. This week, the Senate will hear closing arguments from the House managers and the President's attorneys and will vote on whether to find Donald Trump guilty on the articles of impeachment. To hear the Congressman's thoughts on the Senate's vote to block witnesses and evidence, and the upcoming vote on whether to find the President guilty and remove him from office, click the video below.


Tomorrow, February 4th, President Trump will deliver the State of the Union address to the American public. Congressman DeSaulnier's guest for the event is Isabel Bueso, a recipient of medical deferred action and rare disease advocate. Isabel has been in the country legally for 17 years to participate in a clinical trial and receive life-saving medical care. Last year, Isabel and her family were targeted by the Trump Administration's cruel immigration policies when they were told they had 33 days to leave the country, a move that would have been a death sentence for Isabel.

Isabel's story is an example of the real-life impacts of President Trump's cruel immigration policy. Isabel is a courageous advocate and deserves to stay in this country and receive the medical care she needs.

To learn more about Isabel's story and the work the Congressman is doing to help lead her fight, click HERE.


Mark Joins Colleagues in Reclaiming Congressional War Powers

For almost two decades, Presidents have been exploiting a law passed in the wake of 9/11 intended to protect our country, not intended to open unlimited power for the President. That law, known as an Authorization for Use of Military Funds (AUMF), is long expired. The Constitution gives Congress the explicit right to declare war. We must act to reclaim that power. Mark voted in favor of measures drafted by his colleagues Representatives Barbara Lee and Ro Khanna - one that would repeal the above-mentioned AUMF and one that would stop any federal funds from being used for a war with Iran until Congress votes to authorize that conflict. Our service women and men deserve to have the intensely consequential decision to send them to war to be debated rigorously and restore that decision to Congress, not just one person sitting in the White House.

Congressman DeSaulnier Passes an Amendment to Prevent Discrimination in Housing Decisions

Credit scores and reports impact many aspects of our lives from determining how much interest we pay on loans to whether we can rent or buy a home. The Comprehensive CREDIT Act (H.R. 3621) will help ensure that consumer rights are protected and improve transparency over credit scores and reporting. Mark successfully included an provision in the bill that will require additional information to be gathered to help prevent companies from using credit scores and reports from discriminating in who they give mortgages to. H.R. 3621 passed with Mark's support by a vote of 221-to-189.

To see Mark speak on this provision, click on the image below.


Mark DeSaulnier
Member of Congress