Mark Receives Humanitarian Award for Cancer Work

November 19, 2018
DeSaulnier Digest

Please join me in taking a moment to reflect on the devastation caused by the wildfires raging across our state and sending our sincere thanks to the firefighters, first responders, volunteers, and good samaritans helping with the recovery. Our deepest condolences are with our fellow Californians who have been impacted by the wildfires.


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In this week's edition of the DeSaulnier Digest you will find updates on:

  • My thoughts on the future of the Democratic Party (Locatation: IN THE NEWS)
  • Information on a bill I introduced to help reduce suicides (Location: Legislative Update)
  • Details on an award I recieved for our work to improve cancer outcomes (Location: Mark Around Town)



Mark joined Phil Matier with CBS San Francisco to discuss the "Future of the Democratic Party." Click the image to watch.


Mark Announced the Suicide Prevention Assistance Act (H.R. 7116)
This week, Mark announced the introduction of his bill to establish a new grant program to expand suicide prevention efforts for adults in doctor's offices and other primary care settings. Mark shared his personal story with suicide and why introducing the Suicide Prevention Assistance Act (H.R. 7116) is so important to him. Click the image below to watch.

Mark Voted No on the Manage Our Wolves Act (H.R. 6784)
This week, the House took a vote on the Manage Our Wolves Act (H.R. 6784). This bill would undermine the Endangered Species Act, go around the scientific review, and prematurely delist the gray wolf as an endangered species. Despite my opposition, H.R. 6784 passed on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 196-to-180.


Mark Recieves Humanitarian Award for Cancer Work:
After successfully completing treatment for leukemia, Mark shared his story publically to add his voice to the growing number of people and families fighting cancer. Since his treatment, he has worked to grow federal investment in cancer research at the National Institutes of Health, foster a bipartisan conversation in Congress on ways to improve outcomes for cancer patients, and introduce legislation that would improve doctor-patient communication and help patients better navigate the unknowns of a diagnosis. This week Mark was presented the same award given to the late John McCain by Cancer Research & Treatment Fund, Inc. in New York City recognizing his work to better the lives of those living with and battling cancer.

Mark DeSaulnier
Member of Congress