Statement on Republican Tax Plan and Mark Discusses "Future of Work, Wage, and Labor" on Fox News

November 20, 2017
DeSaulnier Digest

Dear Contra Costa Residents:

Following last week's vote by the House of Representative to pass the Republican tax plan, we want to update you and provide details on this and other issues before Congress.



Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R. 1)

In the first major tax overhaul since 1986, Republicans developed a highly partisan bill without a single shred of Democratic input or support throughout the expedited process. This measure, which will increase taxes for 36 million middle class families by 2027, is particularly good for corporations and particularly bad for California. California families will see a significant loss in deductions from the state and local tax, medical expense, student loan, and mortgage interest deductions. The plan is irresponsible and bad for our country’s future, which is why I voted against it.


Annouced 3 Town Halls on the Republican Tax Plan, Hosted Across a Variety of Mediums


In order to accommodate the busy schedules of our constituents, this past week I annouced three town halls on the Republican tax plan via telephone, Facebook Live, and in-person. Given that the Republican tax plan would be particularly bad for Bay Area residents due to the virtual elimination of the state and local tax deduction and the reduction of the mortgage interest deduction, it is important to ensure that Contra Costa residents had a chance to ask questions and learn about the bill before it came up for a vote in the House of Representatives and the Senate.


Congressman DeSaulnier's Statement on the House Passage of the GOP Tax Scam

“Over half the benefits included in the bill go to the wealthiest one percent and corporations. Meanwhile, tax deductions for student loan interest, medical expenses, classroom school supplies, continuing education, and transportation are eliminated. The bill would add $1.7 trillion to the national debt, which Republicans will later use as justification for slashing Social Security, Medicare, and future investments in education, workforce training, and infrastructure. The bill will hurt hardworking families for generations to come,” said Congressman DeSaulnier. To read the full release, click here.​

Caption: Mark speaks with constituents during one of his three town halls on the Republican tax plan.


National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2018 (H.R. 2810)

Each year, Congress passes a bill to outline spending at the Department of Defense. This year's legislation, like all defense spending bills I have voted on since coming to Congress, provides far too much money to an agency that has never undergone a full audit; where wasteful spending has been estimated in the hundreds of billions of dollars. I opposed this careless measure because we need to realign our priorities as a nation and spend money where we know it is needed.


Hearing directly from you not only informs my work in Congress, but also is my favorite part of being your Representative. To share your opinion, you can either email me or take our survey.

Below are some of the top issues you shared with me over the past week:

- 1,114 constituents expressed their staunch opposition to the Republican tax plan, which would provide massive tax cuts to the wealthy and according to independent research, raise taxes for more than 2.2 million middle class households in California.
- 712 constituents contacted my office in oppposition to the SECURE America Energy Act (H.R. 4239), which would decrease oversight on major oil and gas leasing decisions in an effort to undermine environmental review.


Sustainable Energy Development Reform Act (H.R. 4426)

In order to set us on a path toward sustainability and to preserve important public lands for future generations, this bill would permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Arctic Ocean from oil and gas development. It would also permanently authorize and fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund and improve the U.S. government’s ability to address climate change by properly accounting for the social costs of carbon dioxide and methane.

Title VIII Nursing Workforce Reauthorization Act (H.R. 959)

Every day in the United States approximately 10,000 people turn 65 years old. In order to meet the increased demand for care, we need to focus on growing the largest group of health care providers – nurses. The Title VIII Nursing Workforce Development Programs support the recruitment, retention, and distribution of highly educated nursing professionals. I support this bill, which would ensure that these critical programs exist for years to come.

American Promise Act (H.R. 4253)

Give the Trump Administration's anti-immigrant agenda, an increasing number of people in the United States are living in fear of deportation. This population now includes people who reside in the United States under Temporary Protected Status (TPS). TPS allows people from other countries to live in the U.S. temporarily because of the effects of natural disasters, political unrest, or other unsafe conditions in their homelands. This legislation would provide legal permanent residence to qualified people who have lived here for a significant period of time if conditions have not improved in their home countries.

End Racial Profiling Act (H.R. 1498)

Every American has a constitutional right to equal protection under the law, but many Americans who belong to racial or religious minority groups are not provided equal protection in our criminal justice system. This legislation seeks to eliminate the well-documented problem of profiling and unfair treatment in our criminal justice system on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and national origin.


DeSaulnier-led letter to Federal Aviation Administration

Last week, I sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administrator, Michael Huerta, urging that action be taken to improve aviation safety following recent incidents at San Francisco International Airport, where cockpit voice recorders were not saved.  Thankfully, incidents requiring a review of cockpit voice recorders are extremely rare. However, it is critical that safety investigators have access to this information in circumstances which require review. Our aviation system is the safest in the world, and we must continue to ensure that we have policies in place to keep it that way.

Letter to the U.S. Department of Education defending the rights of defrauded student borrowers

Higher education students who have been defrauded by their colleges have the right to apply for student loan debt relief from the federal government. Currently the Department of Education has a backlog of 87,000 debt relief applications, and the Department has recently indicated they may limit the amount of student loan forgiveness available to them. I joined my colleagues in sending a letter to the Department of Education expressing strong concerns about student debt relief and requesting more information on the Department’s plans to help these students.


The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton: What The Trump Administration Has Done for American Workers

Mark and Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI) joined Steve Hilton with Fox News to discuss the "Future of Work, Wages, and Labor" initiative they launched along with Representatives Mark Pocan (D-WI) and Don Norcross (D-NJ). During the interview Mark, discussed his belief that we need a Bill of Rights for working people that includes raising the minimum wage, ensuring workers have protections, and that all families have a secure retirement. ​To watch the full interview, click here.