Democracy Awards

Oversight & Accountability

Summary of Position

Americans deserve an efficient and effective government that meets the needs of hardworking families, now and into the future. In a time when many are concerned about how their hard-earned tax dollars are spent, as a Member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (OGR) Congressman DeSaulnier strives to rebuild public trust in government through transparency, accountability, and a higher-level of customer service.

By the Numbers

  • Only 18% of the United States public has trust in the federal government. 
  • 32 subpoena requests for documents from the Trump Administration have been blocked by Republican leadership.
  • 0 hearings have been held in Congress on the Administration's legal and ethical violations. 

Things to Know

  • Finalist for the 2018 non-partisan Democracy Awards for Excellence in Customer Service
  • Requested 13 subpoenas from the Chairman of OGR for documents from the Administration – all of which have been denied
  • Sponsors the Election Security Act (H.R. 5011), which institutes best practices for securing our nation’s elections.

Working for You

Fighting Against Administration Ethics Violations
From the day he was sworn into office, President Trump violated the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. Congressman DeSaulnier has been an active voice in explaining why that is dangerous for the American people, and he joined other Democratic members of OGR in a lawsuit demanding that the Administration respond to requests for documents related to the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC.

Protecting Election Security
After the concerns raised by Russian cyberattacks in the 2016 Presidential election, Congressman DeSaulnier called on OGR leadership to hold hearings with the makers of voting machines in order to learn from our past mistakes and improve security going forward. A hearing was held at the end of 2017 on this very issue. He also requested a hearing on social media “bots” that spread disinformation and caused uncertainty among voters in 2016.

Improving United States Postal Service
After learning that USPS intends to sell the Nevin Avenue Post Office in Richmond, California, Congressman DeSaulnier has worked continuously to halt the sale and keep the post office in the heart of downtown Richmond. Mark has spoken with the Postmaster General and has actively been engaged with other postal officials in charge of selling the property to find an alternative to moving this historic post office.

For a downloadable copy of Mark's oversight work, click the image below: