The DeSaulnier Digest: Contra Costa Celebrates Juneteenth!

June 21, 2021
DeSaulnier Digest

It was a historic week in Congress last week as we advanced an initiative to finally make Juneteenth a national holiday. I hope you will read on to see how we celebrated this day of liberation in Contra Costa as well as for updates on additional legislative and committee work this past week.  

Mark DeSaulnier
Member of Congress


Congressman DeSaulnier Celebrates #Juneteenth with Contra Costa in Pittsburg and Antioch


DeSaulnier Votes to Revoke Indefinite War Powers

In 2002, more than 19 years ago, Congress gave the power to the White House (known as an AUMF) to address security threats at the time. Since then, it has been used by several presidents to wage wars beyond the scope of what Congress approved. For the safety of our troops and to restore the power of war to Congress, we cannot afford to leave this outdated AUMF in place indefinitely. Along with Congresswoman Barbara Lee, a leader on this issue, Congressman DeSaulnier joined his colleagues in voting to repeal the 2002 AUMF (H.R. 256), which passed by a vote of 268-to-161.

House Passes Legislation to Hold Companies Accountable

Increasingly, our society is demanding that public companies be held accountable for their activities concerning the environmental and social impacts. That is why, last week, Congressman DeSaulnier voted to support the ESG Disclosure Simplification Act (H.R. 1187), which would improve transparency and accountability in corporate governance by requiring clear standards for companies to disclose information related to climate change risks, corporate political spending, and worker pay. The bill passed the House by a vote of 215-to-214.


Congressman DeSaulnier Appointed to Leadership Position on the Rules Committee

While recogizing Congressman DeSaulnier as a "true public servant and a fighter whose constituents are lucky to have in their corner," Chairman of the House Rules Committee, Congressman Jim McGovern, named Congressman DeSaulnier the new Vice Chair of the Committee. In this new role, the Congressman will help lead the Committee in its critical work shaping legislation that will benefit the American people. To hear the Chairman's full remarks, click here or on the image below.

Congressman DeSaulnier Speaks with Secretary Becerra

Congressman DeSaulnier recently had the opportunity at the Education and Labor Committee to speak with Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra about treating the issues of mental health and gun violence as the public health crises they are. Click here or on the image below to learn more about how the Congressman and Secretary Becerra, the former Attorney General of California, hope to approach these issues with evidence-based solutions.