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The DeSaulnier Digest: White House Coronavirus Outbreak and Upcoming Town Hall

October 5, 2020
DeSaulnier Digest

As I'm sure you are aware, over the past few days, President Trump, the First Lady, multiple White House officials, and several Republican leaders tested positive for coronavirus after attending a White House superspreader event where CDC guidelines, including the use of masks and social distancing, were not observed.

Since then, the President has continued to behave recklessly and selfishly, endangering the lives of even more Americans, including White House employees and Secret Service agents. I wish I could say I am surprised by his behavior, but it is simply a continuation of his ongoing failure to take this pandemic seriously.

To discuss this news, what it means for coronavirus relief, and what’s been happening in Congress, I hope you hope you will join me for a virtual town hall on Tuesday, October 13th at 1:00 p.m. PT. Throughout this interactive discussion, I will take your questions on the unprecedented challenges facing our country and community and the path forward. To RSVP and submit a question, click here or the image below.

Mark DeSaulnier
Member of Congress


Coronavirus Relief

Democrats, led by Speaker Pelosi, have repeatedly offered to work with Republicans to pass a coronavirus relief package. In the last few weeks, Speaker Pelosi has been negotiating with Secretary Mnuchin to try to find a compromise that will be in the best interest of the American people.

Unfortunately, progress isn't being made fast enough and an agreement hasn't been reached yet, with the White House still pushing back on aid to state and local governments, expanding unemployment insurance, funding for a child tax credit, and developing a national COVID testing strategy. To show how serious we are about reaching an agreement with Republicans, House Democrats offered a new bill we're calling HEROES 2.0 that reduces the cost of our last proposal, but still provides meaningful relief to Americans. Included in that $2.2 trillion package is:

  • The restoration of the $600 supplemental unemployment payment through next January;
  • An increase in the amount of time unemployed workers can receive unemployment benefits;
  • New supports to assist renters and homeowners make monthly rent, mortgage, and utility payments;
  • An expansion of the PPP program to provide second loans to hard hit businesses, opening it up to nonprofits that were cut out last time, and providing targeted assistance to the restaurant and live venue industries;
  • $436 billion for state and local funding; and
  • Another $1,200 payment per taxpayer and $500 per dependent.

While this package doesn’t include everything Congressman DeSaulnier would like to see, it is an important step in the right direction. He joined his colleagues in voting in favor of this bill on the floor of the House. The Senate should immediately take up this compromise bill or should come to the negotiating table to quickly find a solution for our families and communities.

Condemning Forced Hysterectomies at ICE Detention Center

Following horrifying reports of forced hysterectomies and other nonconsensual procedures on women at the Irwin County Detention Centers, House Democrats took action by passing a resolution (H.Res. 1153) mandating that these human rights violations be subject to a full investigation. This shouldn’t happen anywhere, but especially not in the “land of the free.” Congressman DeSaulnier supported this resolution, which passed the House by a vote of 232-to-157-to-4.

Condemning QAnon Conspiracy Theories

QAnon is a far-right fringe conspiracy theory movement endangering political discourse and the truth, and according to the FBI, it poses a potential domestic terror threat. On Friday, the House passed a measure to formally condemn QAnon and reject the dangerous conspiracy theories it promotes. The measure passed the House with Congressman DeSaulnier’s support by a vote of 371-to-18-to-1.

Congressman DeSaulnier Introduces Bill to Combat Income Inequality and Corporate Greed

Throughout his career, Congressman DeSaulnier has been committed to investing in working Americans to reduce income inequality. To continue that work, he introduced the CEO Accountability and Responsibility Act (H.R. 8377), which would increase corporate taxes on companies that have extreme disparities between CEO and worker pay. A similar policy has since been adopted by Portland, Oregon, where it generated $3.5 million in the first year. You can read more HERE.