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Preparing for Democratic Majority

December 3, 2018
DeSaulnier Digest

As 2018 comes to an end, my colleagues and I are preparing for the new Democratic Majority that begins in January. Details on what we are doing to get ready and our priorities for the new Congress are included below.


In this week's edition of the DeSaulnier Digest you will find updates on:

  • New Oversight reports on the impact of Republican policies on Contra Costa residents (Location: LEGISLATIVE UPDATE)
  • What Democrats are preparing to do in the Majority (Location: IN THE NEWS )
  • Wasteful spending at the Department of Defense (Location: IN THE NEWS)

Mark DeSaulnier
Member of Congress


Mark Releases New Oversight Reports on Impact of the Republican Tax Bill on Contra Costa Families

As a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (OGR), Mark is working to help hold Congress, the Administration, and the government accountable. In conjunction with OGR, Mark released two reports highlighting the negative impacts the Republican tax bill is having on Contra Costa homeowners and people with pre-exisiting conditions. Key findings from the two reports can be found below, and full copies are available at the links provided.

Impact of Tax Bill on Housing in Contra Costa

  • About 53,000 homeowners in our communities will no longer be allowed to deduct their full property taxes;
  • None of the approximately 160,000 homeowners will be allowed to claim deductions for interest paid on home equity loans taken for any reason other than home improvement; and
  • 30,000 homeowners will no longer be able to claim their full home equity interest deductions on federal taxes.

Impact of Policies on Individuals with Pre-Existing Conditions in Contra Costa

  • 12,000 people in our district have pre-existing conditions severe enough that insurers may outright deny them coverage;
  • Nearly 19,000 individuals between 50 and 64 years of age could lose federal protections against coverage denials and premium increases; and
  • As many as 403,000 individuals with employer-sponsored insurance may also be at risk of losing federal protections against premium increases and coverage denials.


Mark shares an update on what Democrats are preparing to do when they take over the Majority in January. Click the image to watch.

Mark penned an opinion piece for the San Francisco Chronicle on the Department of Defense's first-ever full department audit. Click the image to read.

Mark spoke with the East Bay Times about his bill to help bring affordable housing options to the Bay Area and the rest of the country. Click the image to read.