Protecting Federal Student Loan Borrowers and DC Updates

April 15, 2019
DeSaulnier Digest

Last week in Washington, D.C., we questioned three cabinet secretaries, and voted on a key Democratic priority to allow for an open internet that benefits consumers. This week, we are back in California and hope to see you at one of our upcoming events.

Mark DeSaulnier
Member of Congress


In this week’s Digest, you will find information on:

  • Mark questioning Secretary DeVos and former Secretaries Kerry and Hagel;
  • Continuing efforts to save local news; and
  • Our work in the community.


Mark Voted to Protect Net Neutrality

An open internet is key to the democratic sharing of information and must be protected. The FCC’s drastic repeal of these important guidelines set us back behind our international counterparts and has repercussions for nearly every person and business in the U.S. Last week, the House took an important step towards reinstating net neutrality rules by passing the Save the Internet Act (H.R. 1644). Mark supported this bill, which passed by a vote of 232-to-190.


Mark Pushes Secretary DeVos on Public Service Loan Forgiveness Missteps at the Department of Education

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program was created to incentivize people to go into often underappreciated and underpaid professions serving the public. Thousands of public servants – police officers, nurses, teachers, and more – have been paying their loans for 10 years and applied for forgiveness, but less than 1% have received it because of the lack of oversight at the Department of Education and incorrect, contradictory, and deceptive advice servicers have given to borrowers. Click below to watch Congressman DeSaulnier ask Secretary DeVos what she will do to restore accountability and work in the best interest of student loan borrowers.

Congressman DeSaulnier Discusses Climate Change with Former Secretary of State John Kerry and Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel

California, the fifth largest economy in the world, has strong investments in renewable energy. During an Oversight Committee hearing, Mark discussed with former Secretary of State John Kerry and former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel how investments in renewable energy will help grow our economy, maintain our competitiveness on a global stage, and protect our national security. Watch below.


Mark again highlighted the need to save local news in his op-ed on the value of local journalism in the East Bay Times and San Jose Mercury News




Through its Citizen of the Year Awards, the Martinez Chamber of Commerce celebrated people and businesses that have made an impact in the community. 

The East County Senior Coalition hosted its 14th annual “Living Better After 50” event in Pittsburg. Local seniors enjoyed the opportunity to come together and get information on county services.