Staying Up to Date on Impeachment and More

November 25, 2019
DeSaulnier Digest


  • BREAKING NEWS: Chairman Adam Schiff, who has been leading the impeachment hearings, announced today that the public hearings are likely complete and the U.S. House will move on to the next phase of the impeachment inquiry after the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Week two of public impeachment hearings brought testimony from a number of witnesses who spoke of their experience with or knowledge of the pressure President Trump and his team put on Ukraine (watch highlights here, here, and here).
  • Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman testified that on July 25, President Trump asked the President of Ukraine to investigate a political rival. He also explained how the summary of that call produced by the White House was incomplete.

  • Ambassador Gordon Sondland made it clear that the President used extortion and bribery to get political help from the Ukrainian government, and that it was widely known among Donald Trump’s inner circle.

  • Dr. Fiona Hill documented a line of communication between the U.S. and Ukraine that pressured Ukraine to launch a political investigation in exchange for foreign aid. Dr. Hill also debunked the Administrations’ false claims that Ukraine conducted a campaign against the U.S., instead affirming that it was Russia.

  • The New York Times summarizes the week that was and what we learned.


Leading the Effort to Protect the Mental and Physical Health of Health Care and Social Service Workers

Last week, Mark was hard at work supporting a bill to protect health care and social service workers from workplace violence. Sadly, these workers are four times as likely to suffer workplace violence and injuries and need our help now. On the floor, Mark led debate on the bill and also introduced an amendment to ensure that workers’ mental health is treated equally to their physical health. In the end, the Congressman supported the bill, which passed by a vote of 251-to-158.

Mark Votes to Keep the Government Open

Last Tuesday, Mark voted in favor of a short-term measure that would fund the government until December 20th. The short-term spending bill extends funding for community health centers and reinstates $7.6 billion in federal funding for state highway and other transportation projects. The bill passed the House by a vote of 231-to-192.